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The Business

            FOAM-TECH™, a division of Building Envelope Services,  Inc., is a Vermont corporation that was founded in January of 1982. FOAM-TECH™ is currently a registered Trade name in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Maine, and Massachusetts.

Specializing in Superinsulation

What does it mean?

What sets FT Apart?

Company Goal

            Deliver the building performance solution that best meets our client's needs. (See our Mission and Philosophy).

Our Strategy

            First, understand the cause of the problem - look beyond the symptoms. Test data and observations are critical elements of successful solutions - solutions must be based in science. Recommend a solution that is the most cost-effective and sustainable (See our Position on Energy and the Environment).


            FOAM-TECH originally developed an onsite process for injecting polyurethane foam insulation into buildings and other structures in 1982.  This required developing unique techniques for processing polyurethane foam at any site and in various climatic conditions.

            As FOAM-TECH's capabilities have expanded, the uses and methods of installation have increased as well. Current applications include:

            FOAM-TECH has installed more than a million cubic feet of polyurethane foam in two thousand applications during the past twenty six years.

            FOAM-TECH uses the latest infrared video thermal imaging equipment to quality assure its own work. Our quality control equipment allows us to guarantee performance in writing.

            FOAM-TECH's track record gives owners and builders confidence that the system will work in the most challenging design conditions. FOAM-TECH insures that claim with many types of written performance guarantees. Our experience saves  our clients money.

            FOAM-TECH's installation performance consistently meets design-testing requirements for new and retrofit construction. FOAM-TECH's performance record eliminates the need for an excessive safety factor in heating-system designs that other insulation and mechanical contractors must still allow for. Years of client testimonials, independent tests, and product development provide a landmark for which other insulation systems should strive.

Quality Control as part of the process.

            FOAM-TECH has been installing polyurethane foam insulation since 1982.  Our President, Henri Fennell, has been working with these systems for over thirty years. In addition to FOAM-TECH's extensive field experience, Infrared Thermography was added to our quality control capability in 1987.  Blower door testing, remote temperature and humidity monitoring, and pressurized fog testing are among the testing capabilities we have added since then.

            One of the unique aspects of polyurethane foam insulation is its generation of heat during the installation process.  In almost all cases, weather is not a factor in our ability to control the quality of our work as it is being performed.  This saves costly follow-up trips when cold weather comes for both verification and touchup which might be required without immediate feedback during the construction phase.  An additional advantage to builder and owner alike is that any remedial work can be done as part of the installation process rather than after the finish work is completed.  Spray applications can also be tested immediately after the installations.  Foam insulation doesn't rely on barrier films and gypsum sheathing to complete the thermal envelope.  Blower door and fog tests can be conducted immediately following these installations for quality assurance.

Guarantees and Documentation

            Infrared scans can be recorded for project documentation if requested. Scanning can also be combined with printouts from FOAM-TECH's Minneapolis (Conservation Energy Service) blower-door testing equipment to provide proof of compliance with building envelope performance specifications.  FOAM-TECH's guarantee of a job well done is not based on experience only, but on using state-of-the-art methods and equipment.

Valued Clients

            We thank you for your business as we continue to learn and strive to deliver improved building performance solutions.

From all of us, thank you for your continued interest in FOAM-TECH..