Welcome to Our Solutions Section

FOAM-TECH’s Approach to Problem Solving

First, understand the cause of the problem. Then, recommend a solution. For over 26 years and through thousands of projects, FOAM-TECH has provided successful solutions based on this approach and philosophy. Symptoms or evidence of the problem are not the cause of the problem. Identifying problem causes is FOAM-TECH’s key to successful guaranteed solutions.

Following is a list of common problems that we solve:

Ice dams

  • Ice formations
  • Leaks / water damage

Plumbing and equipment freeze-ups

  • Drafty buildings
  • Excessive heating/cooling costs

Excessive heating and cooling costs

  • Missing insulation
  • Air leakage

Building comfort issues

  • Cold floors
  • Drafty living spaces

Indoor air quality

  • Condensation, rot, mold, and bug problems
  • Radon

Moisture problems

Special building environments

Cost Reduction Protocol

Exterior Cavity Walls Applications


  • Foundations at risk from frost damage
  • Crawl spaces at risk from frost damage


  • Cracks/Gaps that fill in
  • Peel and Stick membranes difficult to install


  • Strategic air sealing
  • Inside-out approach to cavity walls

Exterior Insulation

  • New and existing buildings