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Ozone-Friendly Superinsulation System Announced

April 24, 1993
North Thetford, VT

FOAM-TECH is pleased to announce that it is introducing SUPERGREEN FOAMT with its "Zero Ozone Depletion Potential HC-134a " (ODP) to its northern New England insulation and marine flotation markets

The Product

FOAM-TECH now produces and installs both SUPERGREEN FOAM (an HC-134a based product) and a non-CFC, class II, closed-cell polyurethane foam. This translates into the most environmentally friendly field-applied foam insulation systems available. (Urethanes contain no formaldehyde and are completely inert and environmentally safe.)

The History

An industry-wide response to environmental issues was prompted when scientists began to raise concerns over the effects of CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) blowing agent and other ozone depleting substances on the earth's atmosphere.
HCFC was developed because it had less than 5% of the effect on the atmosphere's ozone layer than the old standard, CFC

As a part of its commitment to energy and environmental conservation, FOAM-TECH began using HCFC as a blowing agent for polyurethane foam systems in the fall of 1991.  The implementation of "ozone friendly" blowing agent technology was well in advance of the Environmental Protection Agency's deadlines for phasing out CFC blowing agents.

In 1992, HFC-134a, with its "Zero Ozone Depletion Potential" (ODP) was developed to address new environmental standards.

In April of 1993 FOAM-TECH introduced its newest energy conservation product SUPERGREEN FOAM which successfully incorporates HFC-134a as a blowing agent. SUPERGREEN complements FOAM-TECH's Class II "environmentally-friendly" systems to provide a complete range of eco-safe options in field-applied insulation and floatation technology.  These systems, developed in association with Preferred Foam Products, Inc. of North Branford, CT., are the first commercially available urethanes with this level of ozone "friendliness".

The Advantage of SUPERGREEN FOAM

Field-applied Polyurethane foam is a rigid plastic insulation which has all of the desired components for a quality thermal envelope.  It provides a high R-Value per inch, vapor control, air infiltration control, and added strength in one process.  No other insulation system consistently provides the field-installed performance levels of field-applied polyurethane foam plastics.